What's Your Privacy Personality?
As we grapple with the paradox of privacy in the age of the Internet, 
it helps to know where you stand. Lock it down? Let it all hang out? 

In less than 5 minutes, find out whether you're a Shrugger, a Realist or a Believer.
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I am concerned about my personal privacy. *

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We have no control at all over how our personal information is shared and used by companies. *

My privacy rights are adequately protected by my country's law. *

I worry about where my medical information goes beyond what my doctor sees. *

I’m ok with giving companies my personal information if it results in a product that’s personalized just for me. *

Most tech companies are conscientious about protecting my privacy *

Protecting the privacy of consumer information is... *

If privacy is to be preserved, the use of data will need to be sharply restricted in the future. *

We need big data to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. *

The government generally uses data for good. *

Have you personally ever been the victim of what you felt was an invasion of your digital privacy? *

The government should regulate technology and how all companies use our data. *

Tech companies have an ethical duty to look out for the best interests of their customers. *

Nothing digital is private. *

I worry about the effects technology has on my mental health. *

I need privacy--at least once in a while--to make sense of this world. *

I think carefully to make sure that when I give my personal information away, the service I get in return is worth it. *

I’m aware of how my digital information can be compromised. *

I know what to do to get more privacy into my life. *


As a Believer, you put faith in the principle of privacy. You never feel completely relaxed about providing personal information, are concerned that the conclusions algorithms come to could be inaccurate, and don’t trust that companies or the government will ever “do the right thing.” It’s time to right this ship called democracy before it keels over and you want to do your part.

Likely privacy steps taken: Believers know where to find the privacy settings on their phone and online accounts. Location data is definitely switched to off. You might use encrypted texting and email. You know Tor is not the name of a Viking who fought in the Norman War of 1066.

Probably posts on social media: As a Believer, you post sparingly or mostly facts. Never about your lunch, pets, or children. Please don’t tag Believers on your Instagram account.

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As a Realist, you think about privacy, but often choose convenience over any hardline principle. You'd like the choice to opt-out or have more control over personal information but compromise is part of living in the digital age. You're uncomfortable with the NSA’s tactics, but also understand that security sometimes comes at a price. As for the tech industry, yeah, capitalism has its flaws but until someone comes up with a better system, it’s pretty darn good.

Likely privacy steps taken: You can’t give up Google Docs or Instagram but think about deleting the Facebook Messenger app. You go on *unsubscribe me* binges and feel conflicted when you use an adblocker on a site you love. You absolutely have a passcode on your phone.  Come on, you're not a Luddite!

Probably post on social media: As a Realist, you have some regrets about the personal photos you used to post online. You're irritated (pun intended) by seeing ads for skin salves after complaining on Facebook about rough winter skin. You ignore the ads anyway and would NEVER click on them.

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As a Shrugger, you can’t understand how we ever got through life without Google Maps, Facebook’s updated app, and Amazon suggestions. Of course we give these companies our personal information. They can’t do their job without them! You understand that progress sometimes requires breaking the rules. Any new laws would keep tech companies from innovating. Plus, those targeted ads can be kind of helpful and hackers gonna hack.

Likely privacy steps taken: You love a strong public Wifi connection - anyone who really wants to read your email should go for it. It's all work emails and passive-aggressive exchanges with the inlaws anyway. As for passwords, you'll take your chances with ABC123. At least you can remember it.

Probably post on social media: If you're in the mood and enjoying social media, what’s the harm? So many old friends, gluten-free recipes, and memes to enjoy. Life is short. 

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